Новые игры Alawar.
I came to RYL believing I needed something, but not knowing exactly what it was.  During the class, my issue magically whowed up, and solutions were made available.  The implementation of them is up to me!
Anonymous,  Duluth,MN, OCT14
A weekend of connecting, sharing, giving and receiving with full attention and a safe environment.
Anonymous,  Duluth,MN, OCT14
If you are ready and willing to be open and work hard, it is an eye-opening experience.
Deb V.,  Duluth,MN, OCT14
The course was like a light being turned on in my soul to move me forward with my life!
Anonymous,  Duluth,MN, OCT14
Amazing experience!  I learned so much about myself from others' life situations.
Tiffany, Duluth, MN, OCT14
Touching and inspirational.  I'm leaving with feelings of confidence and positivity.  So happy!
Sarah E, Asheville, JUN14
I went in doubtful, but it's truly a life-changing and transformative experience.  Thank you, thank you!
Josh M, Asheville, JUN14
RYL is a safe place to help you deal with issues that hhold you back and keep you stuck in life.  The experience helps you to move foward with your life.  A great way to release unwanted "stuff" in your life.  I felt so much freer for having gone through the process!
Linda N,  Asheville, MAR14
Before the course, I thought that I took responsibility for my life.  I had done a lot of personal development work around that in the past.  I didn't realize how much judgement and blame were interfering with my relationships and my happiness.  RYL took my personal work to a deeper level and has brought me new tools to better navigate the "ups and downs" of my daily world.
Melissa, Asheville, Dec12
I am finally seeing a misconception I had in my life which I never realized had such a big negative impact on me and my life.  For 40 years, I felt I was stuck in a life that was less than what God had intended for me.  As a Christian for 25 years, I had prayed for help, not sure what I was looking for.  I am positive I was led to RYL after years of seeking understanding.  I got more out of this weekend than anywhere I had ever looked.  I am so Blessed to have participated and met so many wonderful people- I will love them forever!  Like Mel says,"Trust the Process."  God will lead you to what you need.  Please don't let your beliefs, whatever they are, limit where you get help.  When you stop limiting God, your options become unlimited!
Torrey, Asheville, Dec12
I have been working on my personal growth for many years.  Mel provided a safe and loving atmosphere so I could continue to grow even more.  I valued the exercises and all the "angels" who helped make it a memorable weekend.  I look forward to being an "angel" (assistant) in the next course.  I now have more friends than ever - each one of them is special and a positive validation in my life.  Thank you, Mel!
Dawn, Asheville, Dec12
The RYL Experience got me back on course.  It opened my eyes for things I thought were taken care of years ago.  Thank you!
Debra, Asheville, Sep 2012
The RYL Experience facilitated a greater understanding of how my belief systems have kept me stuck in repeating self-defeating patterns.  The love of my fellow workshop attendees and all the angels was invaluable.  I walked away with beliefs I can overcome obstacles.  The check-in after two weeks proved to me I don't have to embark upon change all by myself.
Anon, Asheville, Mar12
I have attended various other personal growth classes, and RYL (Redirect Your Life) allowed me to move through something I have been struggling with for my entire life.  I am now feeling joyful and free - full of love.  Life isn't just good - it's great!
Alithea, Asheville, Jun12

I recommend this to absolutely anyone because everyone has room for improvement. My life is changed.
Danielle, Asheville, Jun2012

Take the first step toward real freedom by reframing your belief system!
Jesse, Asheville, Jun12

It was a profound, moving experience!
JNE, Asheville, Jun12

I have done many self-improvement things over the years.  This one was right at the top in its power in creating transformation.
Sam, Asheville, Jun12

The RYL Experience was the BEST gift I ever gave myself!
Michelle, Asheville, Mar 12

RYL is a new beginning for me, and it is changing my life and how I experience it.
Mark, Asheville, Mar 12

Mel, his team, and the other group participants took me on a safe, protected weekend journey that allowed me to deepen my connection with my "self," whereby I came to a place within that I know I am "whole, perfect and complete."  Thank you to Mel and my team.  I am grateful!
Gail, Asheville, Mar 12

A life-changing experience that came at the right time in my life.
Hannah, Asheville, Mar 12

The RYL Experience was so wonderful and supportive.  I was able to find some answers to some missing puzzle pieces in my life, and now I have tools to fill in the rest of the pieces and have more peace, fullness and love in my life.
Kerry, Asheville, Mar 12

The RYL program doesn't tell you how or what to think...and that's the Key.  You discover for YOURSELF how to do it and how YOU should redirect your thinking.  Self exploration, self discovery - powerful stuff! ...and it was in me all along, I just needed to learn how to find it.
Susie, Asheville, Mar 12

Words are not enough as I cannot describe the energy shifting in me. This course has been a powerful part of my journey on validating my place in the universe.
Rocco, Asheville, Dec 11

Committing to spend a whole weekend on myself was more than a gift! It is the beginning of a whole new chapter to be all that I can be - everyday - when I show up to shine my love and light.
Wendy, Asheville, Dec 11

RYL allowed me to gain a sense of empowernemt over my life and peace within myself.
Marne, Asheville, Dec 11 (age 21 years)

I had a lot of turmoil and had lost my zest for life.  RYL was a life-altering workshop for me.  I cannot describe the amazing support I received from a group of strangers.  My heart has completely opened, and I feel connected to all the universe.  Last week I was crying tears of pain;this week I am crying tears of joy.  I now have tremendous clarity, strength, and passion again, and I feel free!
Serenity, Asheville, Aug 11

RYL was very much a life changing weekend.  I love it!
Caralee, Asheville, Aug 11

You will be able to separate the painful areas of your life and see yourself clearly.  The truth will set you free!
Juanita, Asheville, Aug 11

RYL is experiential and transformational.  It gets to the core issues and gives one a choice to shift or stay the same.What a blessing this experience is!
David, Asheville, May 11

The most reliable way to evaluate a course like RYL is by the experience of it's participants, and it was wonderful for everyone I was with.
Scott, Asheville, May 11

I have been to many weekend & weeklong & ongoing workshops.  All I have done prior has led me to this course and prepared me to receive the gifts the course has to offer.
Susie, Asheville, May 11

Everytime I attend and participate, I grow more balanced emotionally and am able to love more. (repeat student)
Jean, Anderson, IN  Apr 11

My ability to understand my feelings of shame and embarrassment from the age of 7 years old now empowers me to love big, play with the "big boys", and love huge!
Cinnamon,California, March 11

If you have the desire and the courage to discover what drives your decisions - and hence your experiences and your life - you will embrace & be embraced by the RYL experience.
Barbara, Asheville, Feb 11

This course allowed me to see that I am deserving of happiness and that I deserve to be treated as a valuable person and that I deserve it as much as the next person.
Anon., Asheville, October 10

I entered the course with "holes" in my life that I was attempting to fill from the outside of myself.  I left the course with the experience of being "whole" and empowered to fill the holes myself.
Allison, Asheville, October 10

Aligning of head (what I think), what I speak, and heart (what I feel)...what an effective way to consider before I act.
Dave, Minneapolis, September 10

I came skeptical but left impressed, inspired, and empowered!
John A., Minneapolis, September 10

“When you take the RYL course you will walk away a very different person with wonderful, loving people by your side.”
-Teri J., Feb 10

“Powerful!  The insight will “open your eyes” and make you look in the mirror.”
-Ed B., Feb 10

“Coming into the course I was overwhelmed and doubtful.  RYL made me realize my self worth and just how good life is.  Life is beautiful!”
-Ola K., Jan 10

“Always a skeptic, I have to admit it was an amazing weekend worth the investment, time and energy.  I recommend it! *****”
-Kath T., Jan 10

“A wonderful experience, a gift to yourself to find out who you truly are.”
-Darlene S., Jan 10

“The experience is amazing.  Ability to grow and find clarity and strength is overwhelming.  You must experience it to believe it!”
-Luci L., Jan 10

“Liberating!  Love without judgment permeates the class.”
-John S., Dec 09

“At the beginning of the weekend my heart was heavy and I felt stuck.  By the end of the weekend I felt relief, a new sense of freedom, and joy….and met some new friends!”
-Cynthia G., Dec 09

“I came because of the love I have for someone.  I stayed and I’m glad because of the love I have for me.”
-Anonymous, Nov 09

“A wonderful experience!  I absolutely feel at peace and free through this course!”
-Pressli C., Oct 09

“This course has changed, shaped, strengthened, and bettered my life through my inner strength.  Thank you!”
-Angelica L., Oct 09

“I wasn’t expecting it, but the RYL course touched my soul.”
-Jay W., Oct 09

“Every person in the world deserves this course – the best investment in your life!”
-Tatiana R., Sep 09

“An amazing experience that has undoubtedly changed my life.  I highly recommend this course to anyone & everyone who wants more out of life….you will get it!”
-Brian W., Sep 09

“ I feel amazing!  RYL has given me the tools to reframe my thoughts surrounding the tragedy in my life & also helped me reconnect with my husband. I am so excited to start living – truly living!”
-Terri L., Sep 09

“This is my 2nd time as a student. This weekend I finally got real and celebrated the total package of who I am!”
-Connie R., Sep 09

“…Opened my mind to my true strength, power and wisdom.  Anything is truly possible!”
-Letha S., Sep 09

“The course allowed me to regain my self worth on a deeper level.  I am grateful for the wonderful experience!”
Anne C., Sep 09

“RYL is an experiential journey towards self realization.  Could it be as simple…yes it is, and I am forever changed!”
-Kjell P, Sep 09

I recommend this course to an infinite amount of people. It has changed my life & completely saved my life.
-Erica 5/09

RYL took away my feelings that I couldn't be successful. I am now on my way to be the success I always wanted.
-Carl 4/09

Helping me to move forward in my life free of things that were holding me back for decades.UNBELIEVABLE!!
-Sandy, March, 2009

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Mel & Redirect Your Life. It truly is a transformational weekend. I AM FREE!!!for the first time in a long time.  I absolutely recommend RYL. It was life changing for me. I got freedom from the bondage of beliefs that I formed when I was two.I am 50 & free!!
-Cindy, California, Feb. 2009

This was an awesome experience that everyone should experience.
-Joanne, Jan. 2009

I have never experienced anything more helpful! Thank you for all you have done for me.
-Amy, Jan. 2009

I came not knowing what to expect & was truly blessed by the experience.
-Charlene, Jan. 2009

RYL helped me with my fears and I learned to embrace vulnerability. Although life does not always happen as you plan it, I learned to feel, fall, and get up again. To Love takes as much energy as to hate, so forgive and love one self. Thank you RYL for allowing me to feel again.
-Trini, 2008

I felt a huge weight lifted from me during RYL. The weekends work was what was needed to break through my barrier to living life to the fullest.
-Diane, Dec. 2008

We meet change with resistance. This course allows you to change from your heart to change your life.
-Will, Dec. 2008

This was the best thing I could have done for myself.Not only did I learn about myself,but others experiences helped me also.I'm very grateful for RYL.
-Glenn Rusher, Nov. 2008

My fears of "what ifs" & what people think are gone.I feel great.
-Chris Mishler, Nov. 2008

Awesome! I can't believe I waited so long to change my life!
-Jill Kelso, Nov. 2008

The course gave me the tools to improve my life.
-David Younts, Nov. 2008

I was able to get to a core event in my life at a deep feeling level & heal the hurt, as well as reclaim an integral part of myself and then reframe how I had been looking at life and my relationship to myself and others. I have embraced a new way of being.
-Shaunna, California , Oct. 2008

I am 23 years old. I realize that I never appreciated everyday. RYL made me feel reborn and so much more alive.
-Patrick, California , Oct. 2008

RYL has set me free! I am no longer a victim. I am free to live!Thank you for everything. I would recommend this course to everyone!
-Cynthia Shipley, Oct. 2008

RYL has empowered me to realize that instead of being frustrated & angry with destructive thoughts, that come from time to time, I can embrace them as healthy feelings & choose to release them.
-Joe Malinowski, Oct. 2008

RYL is the greatest gift I could have received from anyone. I will cherish the time, words, healing & frienships for the rest of my life.
-Rodney Evans, Oct. 2008

On Saturday night I told my mom for the first time about my RYL experience. I think she was amazed. I told her it was RYL that helped me forgive her and to let go of all the anger. That RYL brought me to San Francisco and that I stated back in February that I wanted a relationship with my sister. Well, due to all that has happened in my sister's life recently, she has been coming to me for listening and advice! ME! Do you remember at RYL I said "If I could have a relationship with anyone in the world, it would be my sister."?  Realizing that just 7 months prior I asked for two things - to move to a different city and for a relationship with my sister. I got both!!! I guess it really is as simple as asking for it (setting the intention) and then trusting the process.

I have never experienced so much love & friendship in one weekend!
-Natalie Campbell, Indiana Sept. 2008

Dear Mel,

I knew that RYL would change my life forever. But I didn't know that it would prepare me for one of the most challenging moments in my life. If it wasn't for RYL- two people would be dead right now and I'd be going to prison with a life sentence. Had I not have taken the course- my fate would have been different. RYL is amazing because no matter what happens you realize that "circumstances do not define who you are". This is a golden key and a pearl of the highest wisdom. And secondly you don't have to stay stuck in the same cycles- you can simply choose to get off the merry-go-round and choose a higher path towards the light.  In addition, I have learned that emotions can be a powerful tool in your skill set that you can transform into powerful energy and use towards good.  And lastly- I am no better than anyone else.  Thanks again. RYL has literally saved my life.  God bless you brother,

A powerful & unforgetable course! Truly a life-changing experience!
-Shawn 08/08

When the logical answers reach their end, this course gives you a way to navigate tomorrow.
-Eric Wilson 08/08

Excellent workshop with long term, on-going support. I feel as if I am continually "in line" with the weekend even though it was almost 3 months ago! I am making progress on my goals from the RYL weekend. I am very grateful for my RYL family!
-Clare S 06/2008

The second time through the course I learned so much. Even more than the first time through!
-Zachary D

Awesome overall experience… nothing like you expect. You really do learn a lot about yourself more in one weekend than you could imagine.

The weekend cleansed my heart and soul. I no longer choose to live in my head but from my heart. Going through the power of intention exercise was the icing on the cake. I can and will redirect my life with the tools I was given this weekend. My class is now my new family, filled with love, joy, and gratitude. Thank you RYL team! You are all truly amazing… See you soon!
-Joyce P.

The overall of feeling my inner peace- I can now convey in two words- “I am.” RYL truly allowed me to redirect my life. The body, mind, and soul exercises helped carry me along my path and journey.
-Jan, Indiana

This course is sensational. They find a most unique & creative way to tap into & give you a tangible experience that fits exactly your hearts inner most need & desire.
-Betsy Burns, Indiana

This course is sensational. They find a most unique & creative way to tap into & give you a tangible experience that fits exactly your hearts inner most need & desire.  In one weekend, I was able to break free of all the negativity holding me back. I am leaving with all the tools I need to continue taking charge of my life. This was life-changing.

As a Life Coach and Personal Development Trainer, I am always open to things I have not yet tried that resonate with me so that I may be a model for my clients and walk my talk. I was introduced to Mel through a networking friend who suggested we meet. I connected instantly with Mel, as everyone does, and before the end of our meeting I decided to check out the information night session the following week. After finding out more about the course, it felt right to sign up for Redirect Your Life (RYL), but I wanted to sleep on it. The next day, it still felt like the right thing to do, so I signed up.  My RYL weekend was a very valuable experience. For me, it felt like a weekend of therapy, coaching, heart-felt cleansing and empowerment all rolled into one. The facilitators for my RYL weekend (Mel and Deb) and all the volunteer Angels helped to make the experience so meaningful. They seemed to intuitively know exactly what would work and how to go about creating positive change.  My fellow students in the course and I came together by no accident. All strangers when we started on Friday evening, we all learned from and helped each other in wonderful ways. I made a couple new and lovely friendships in addition to doing some profound personal growth work. It was the stepping stone I needed at that time on my path.  Shortly after RYL, I also attended the ‘Finding Your Personal Power’ workshop. This is a short and very worthwhile session. I highly recommend both RYL and Finding Your Personal Power. Each is well worth your investment.
Cheryl Healey
Founder, Coach, Consultant
The Gift of You Coaching

What an amazing blessing to have been here this weekend. I walked in sad, unsure, and blaming others for “my” feelings. I will be walking out in two hours knowing that I am one hundred percent responsible for my happiness and for all the relationships in my life. I am secure and strong. I am thrilled to begin experiencing life with my state of mind.
-Heather K

I feel like I have a second chance at my life and I have the knowledge to make sure I have great life now and will not let it go back to the average unhappy life I had before.
-Marquis Cooper

RYL has given me back my identity. Thank you Mel for being a part of my journey!
-Kat Rader

I am so happy that I prioritized my schedule to get here this weekend. My mind has changed and now I know that my life will change. I feel so incredible and recommend this workshop to everyone.
-Joseph W

Reframing my past and past experiences to create a new perception of the situation and a new mind.
-Karen Gauthier

I learned to look at myself and my life in a new way.
-Carrie Tholen, February 2008

What I got, I can’t explain, but I feel like I have the tools to do what I have to do.
-T.J. Clibborn, February 2008

I learned how to deal with issues that have followed me my entire life. I am so grateful to RYL for helping bread free from the bondage of old beliefs that don’t serve me!
-Anne Marie, Tampa, February 2008

My wife took this course in August 2007, and I saw such a huge change (in her.) I wanted to experience the same. After the course, I see why these changes occur in all of us.
-Tim M, February 2008

This is powerful, enlightening, and life changing. The advertisement of the workshop “Change your mind, Change your life” is powerful and true!! I experienced it first-hand and am better for it! And, I will never be the same….thank God and Mel. At 73 years of age, if I can do it, anyone can!!
-(Frances) Jean O’Keefe, February 2008

I am so happy to reframe my relationship with my mother.  I have made some wonderful friends whom I hope to have for a long time!  I feel lighter and happier.
-Marci, January 2008

I really thought I couldn't be fixed and no one would love me or my junk.  This program cleared all those cobwebs away.  I have never cried so hard in my life, but I am the happiest I've every been.
-Deborah, January 2008

I never thought I'd come out from under the criticism and opinions of my parents, nor from my being responsible for my father's happiness -- and they've been dead for 11 years!  And now I'm free to make my own decisions, live my own life, and stop my former self-sabotage.
-Jan, December 2007

This should be compulsory education!  I got so much knowledge from this course and it wasn't even hard!  Completely life changing!
-Student, December 2007

I honestly did not believe one weekend would make a difference.  It did, and I understand and believe that anything is possible.
-Angela W, December 2007

My "ah ha" moment!  I wish I would have come so much sooner!  Life changing!
-Colleen G, December 2007

When your mind and heart have developed to a higher level (or openness) this course offers every opportunity to move your life where YOU want it to go!
-Marti, November 2007

This course taught me that I can do anything I want.
-Lorena, September 2007

The best gift you can give to yourself, your loved ones and the people you know is a weekend at RYL.
-Larry Arth, September 2007

I've spent my whole life trying to figure out my "stuff", and to my amazement what took years to create only took a weekend of love and understanding.
-Kathryn V, September 2007

This course taught me to be happy and want to make my family better.
-Veronica D, September 2007

Great experience!  Mel and Cindy are nothing short of gifted at what they do.  Where have you two been all my life?!  You both are a wonderful gift to all your students.  I highly recommend this course.
-Marianne Woolbert, August 2007

RYL was a wonderfully enlightening experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to make some positive changes in their life.
-Amber L, August 2007

Really impressed with the tools to help me overcome worry.
-Bill Engelherdt, August 2007

No notes, notesbooks or study guides.  Just pure love, energy, and guidance that lead to my heart.
-Lucy C, August 2007

RYL helped me to love me.
-Morgan Smith, July 2007

There is no way one could not benefit from this weekend of self exploration.
-Adam A., June 2007

RYL has changed my life forever.  Attitude is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  That is what I learned!
-Renee C., June 2007

RYL is an amazing experience that forces you to face your issues and devise solutions.
-Casey M., June 2007

I was recently widowed and felt I was alone. After attending an RYL course, I reconnected to people and to my own life. Although my circumstances didn't change, my perceptions of them did. As a result, I found peace and contentment.
-Phyllis Sink, President -Touched by Angels, Inc.

My experience with RYL has made a major difference in my life. I was able to achieve inner peace through the "magic" of unconditional love and support. I have gained the tools and insight to live a happier, more fulfilling life. I am eternally grateful.
-Joel Thompson -Sales/Marketing Executive

Thank you for the positive, life-changing effect that the RYL course has inspired in my life and in the lives of my clients. All of us are experiencing positive life changes as a result. I recommend this course to everyone....it's a gift you will give to yourself. Thank you for making this course available.
-Debbie Cohen, Founder-Success Coaching Institute

As a senior sales executive of over 20 years, I have been through "all the courses" from Robbins to Ziglar, to you name it. I have also done the "therapy thing" (over 3 years worth). After all this, I can truly say that I got more out of a single weekend of RYL than all those other programs combined. RYL is a life changing experience.
-Tom Elgin-Risk Management Solutions Specialist D&B Corporation

I woke up this morning (the day after taking RYL) and looking into the mirror.. I looked into my eyes and for the very first time I saw my soul'and it was beautiful...I felt love for me...I felt passion for me...I knew I was in love with me..' Looking into my own eyes was a beautiful thing' I did not have to turn away or feel uncomfortable ' I am home' I am at Peace'.
-Brian Webster, May 2004

I'm 57. Why in hell did it take this long' I've just spent a weekend with 48 dear friends, and 3 of those just cleared my head of all thoughts of those nights or days spent in heaven in someone's arms, or was I dreaming' I took some flowers to the young girl who sent me to you. Thank God no one was there, trying to say 'thank you'. I couldn't hear myself talk. I handed her the flowers and called her an hour later. I feel so damn calm, not like I'm off to war. Being vulnerable can be a great strength. (I think I heard that somewhere.) When you go into a situation with your hands open, you're not a threat, and that's where I'm at now. I now have tools to deal with whatever happens. And if it does not work, nobody is pissed and I try again. We don't want the whole world to know this great secret we discovered this past weekend, because who would we practice on'.  Amy asked how my weekend went, I said just '' great''. We talked for a while and then I tried to hand Amy some of my love notes, and I got that unable to talk feeling. I want to be able to tell her about each one, so I'll show them to her later.  I wish I had written everyone a love note. All my love notes are going into one of my wooden humidors. I don't smoke, but I like the big wooden boxes. This is where I store all my best treasures. Once a month or so I get one of the boxes out and I go over everything in it. I will have these boxes till I die, and I will be reading your love notes all my life. I want to tell you I never felt more cared for in my life than I did this past weekend. And, if anyone wants to send me a bill, you can.  I know that we will never ever have that same group together again, and I would give a lot more hugs and write a lot more love notes if I could. I'd like to send Joey and Amy to you for '' Life Proofing'' and I'd love for my Angels to help them, like they helped me. You can't believe how much I trust all of you just to be able to say that. And, if they agree, you'll meet two of the neatest kids I know.  To my heart mates'..'don't slow down now. Just fill that rut up and pave over it with gold bricks, silver bars or, what I like best, some good oak flooring.
-Joe M, May 2004

Thank you for RYL. Taking the course has literally changed my life. Prior to my course, I was distant, not allowing others to "get close" to me, along with other self-defense mechanisms. Finding my self in a trusting, loving and "safe" atmosphere all weekend, I broke through, and saw how my previous life's experiences were used to develop a belief system that simply did not work. Mel and Cindy, thank you for your kindness, your love, and your dedication to all of us. We love you.
-Vic P, May 2003

As far back as I can remember I have been a left-brained, rational, scientific, 'show me' kind of person. My January 2004 RYL weekend "showed me". Mel and Cindy have 'structured' and unstructured, comfortable, safe environment in which a person can shed the fa'ade that 'everything's peachy keen' and explore all avenues without judgment, proselytizing or mumbo jumbo psycho babble.
I came out of the course molecularly different, no longer subject to certain triggers that have haunted me for years. Rest assured I have many more triggers to deal with, yet I feel, or more importantly I know, I am capable of having the tools necessary to disarm these triggers. That in itself would have been worth the price of the course. What I wasn't ready for, and could never have paid for, was the network of honorable, trustworthy, intelligent, evolved, capable, loving humans that want to help me fill my 'tool belt'. I am honored to know them all, and know with certainty that I will be back.
-Lucretia B. Palamara, Tax Accountant

RYL taught me about my belief systems, where they came from, and how they subconsciously created the results in my life. Every area of my life is directed by what I decided about myself and others a long time ago. I learned to look at those decisions compassionately and saw that they were not only assumptions and irrational, but more importantly, that I could change them by making different decisions. Instead of holding the people and events of my past as hostage, I learned to see the gifts and lessons, releasing them, and, more importantly, myself as hostage. As soon as I made different decisions, my feelings and behaviors changed automatically. The responses from others in my life changed to what I am seeking: connectedness and intimacy. I am also using the RYL lessons in my relationship. We decided to set a vision for how we want our relationship to be. I don't know how and when lessons will show up, but with wanting love as the highest outcome, all interactions are set to maintain that vision.
Recognizing where my sensitive spots and defenses come from allows me to live an examined life where I choose to heal rather than continue destructive patterns. This means continuing to be rigorously honest with myself and the "stuff" that makes me react. RYL gave me the tools and language to explore and express myself clearly. Just as important for me with RYL was the magic created by the safety of the instructors and assistants. This sacred space allows for immediate healing and breakthroughs. The energy created by the love of the participants sets in motion a process that I have never seen duplicated anywhere else. The RYL experience cannot be recreated in therapy, support groups, self help books or other forms of self discovery. If you identify any area of your life that you want to make better, there is a money back guarantee that you will succeed in one weekend. RYL is a gift to yourself and you deserve to be happy and free of suffering. Let go and let RYL change your life!!
-Kathy Gardner (September 2003)

I am 42 years old and had been struggling with self acceptance and major issues in my life. Mel and Cindy and the rest of the group provided a safe environment to express some of my most deeply buried emotions, and a way to heal the damage that bottling up those emotions had done. I had been in therapy before and while helpful, one weekend accomplished what 3 years and $3,000+ of therapy could not. The experience was extraordinary and truly life enhancing and love affirming. It is the best time and money I have ever spent. If you are ready to change your life for the better, I highly recommend the RYL experience.
-Dale Ann Masker, Financial Advisor

I feel we helped each other in ways I don't fully understand. I found myself smiling while driving to work the week afterward - for no good reason except that maybe I let go of some of my pain and the real me is beginning to surface again. The incredible part is that it has been buried for almost 20 years and I really felt that the die was cast. It is nice to know that things can happen that I used to think were cast in stone. Maybe it was Friday night that opened my mind to the power of the mind over the body." "Being in education, I've begun to figure out why so many of our teachers cannot do a good job. The key to a good teacher is the ability to empower students with a positive sense of their own abilities and a responsibility to never sell themselves short. So many teachers do not believe in themselves as teachers and therefore have defeated themselves before day one. I've learned that we can do anything if we free our minds to believe in ourselves. I'm working on them. Thanks again for your support and tell the people you love that you do.
-Mark Jones, Education

Hi, I was so glad to see that you have a Web page. I am writing to share about my dear friend Mel Fergenbaum. Anyone interested in taking RYL should know that you can trust Mel totally to make a profound difference in your life. Through Mel I met Cindy who also is powerful and full of compassion. I would trust Mel with my life, so needless to say I would and do recommend this course to anyone interested in making an impact in improving their lives. I did the Course with my husband John and volunteered two times (too few) to be in the loving space. This is a gift to yourself, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.
-Esther Glickman, Human Resource Director

My experience with RYL has made a major difference in my life. I was able to achieve inner peace through the "magic" of unconditional love and support. I have gained the tools and insight to live a happier, more fulfilling life. I am eternally grateful.
-Joel Thomson, Sales/Marketing Executive

After being in and out of therapy for the last 26 years, and getting nowhere, I have to say that what I experienced in just one weekend through RYL was the most powerful experience I have ever had. The unconditional love that I felt for mankind when I left on Sunday night can never be taken away from me. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the greatest gift you'll ever receive. Redirect Your Life !!
-Dee Wishart, Florida Veterinary Specialist/receptionist

When I was a kid I felt things on a deep level and was very empathetic. At that age though I did not understand what was going on. After taking RYL and assisting in RYL I have been able to understand my gifts and utilize them to help other people. I realized that through my life I have had joyful experiences and heartaching experiences and with each experience I am able to give back to the world in some way. Meeting so many different people in RYL has been a true gift. I have found true "Soul Mates" in this community and I know they will always be a part of my life! Life for me is a huge puzzle never knowing where I will find another piece. RYL is a huge piece of my puzzle and I am forever grateful that Mel & Cindy made the commitment to the community to Make Things Happen with RYL! Thank you both!

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