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Redirect Your Life For Singles

  • Your Goals for the Singles Adventure Course
  • Additional Information
  • In your last 2 relationships how did you meet? How did the relationship end?
  • Print or type four of your early recollections. It does not matter how old you were as long as the memory is the earliest experience you remember that meets the stated requirement of the recollection. An early recollection describes a specific one-day event. Examples:

    Example #1 age 7. One day I was riding my bike on the street and my brother yelled at me to stop. I felt scared.

    Example #1 qualifies as an Early Recollection because it describes an actual event.

    Example #2 “My brother and I used to ride our bikes on the street.”

    Example #2 does NOT qualify as an Early Recollection because it describes something that happened often and does not give the details of specifically what occurred on one day. It is also missing the age and how he felt.

  • Vision Information
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    • I agree not to take any non-prescription drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of any session.
    • As a participant of this course, I agree to respect the confidentiality of all participants and their remarks.

    Informed Consent Agreement

    I understand that this course is educational and NOT psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy.

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