Singles Adventure

  What if you could start with a clean slate for the possibilities in an intimate relationship? Singles Adventure will help you develop an empowering attitude and even more comfort with yourself and others, so you move toward the intimate relationship you desire - with ease. At Singles Adventure, you will discover your limiting beliefs with a heightened focus on dating and significant love relationships, including your beliefs surrounding marriage. Throughout this course, you will actually have a measurement that will show you how much of your limiting beliefs you are moving beyond. Singles Adventure provides freedom to create the relationship you desire, to choose the person you desire, and to become even more comfortable with yourself. Singles Adventure is for any single person who would like to expand their understanding of themselves in relationship with others, particularly in a dating situation. Whether new to dating, never married, divorced, widowed, recently or long ago, Singles Adventure will assist you in becoming even clearer about the qualities and type of person you desire to be with in a relationship.