For Teens (13-15 years*)

Young people face stresses and challenges on a daily basis that they are not yet prepared to handle. This course will give teens the skills and tools they need to handle these stresses and prepare them for the normal challenges in life that they will eventually experience. Enjoy a weekend of fun and self-discovery! In a safe, fun, supportive environment, teens will gain insight into themselves and how to approach relationships and new experiences. They will learn new techniques and approaches to communication, relationships and self-esteem.


Learn how to:

  • Communicate more clearly with parents, teachers, peers and family members.
  • Deal with the stress surrounding issues at school, finding a job, and relationships.
  • Express emotions, such as anger, appropriately.
  • Resolve conflicts with a win/win solution.
  • Handle drug and alcohol issues.
  • Learn to handle anxiety and relax.
  • Create healthy relationships.


*It is recommended that teens age 16-19 years attend the adult RYL Experience. This age group identifies both mentally and emotionally more with adults than the younger teens.

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