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Welcome from Mel Fergenbaum, President

Journey of the Heart - Spiritual Memoir of Love and Loss


When Mel lost his wife of forty-four years to cancer, his life took a 180 degree turn. Guided by an inner knowing, he headed out west in their motorhome on his own for the first time. Keenly aware that life is short, he vowed to live each day to the fullest. On the road, he found his own way to grieve and to move forward with his life.

When Lynda lost her marriage to alcoholism, she was heartbroken. By the time she enrolled in the Redirect Your Life seminar hosted by Mel, she realized she'd spent a lifetime expecting others to fulfill her. Now she wanted to learn to love herself. That weekend sparked a journey of forgiveness for growing up in a dysfunctional world, transforming her feelings of unworthiness into belief in herself and a newfound trust in the process of life.

Join Mel and Lynda on their adventure as two paths become one. In a community divided by opposing opinions, Mel and Lynda must learn to remain positive and stand in their power-all while interpreting supportive messages received from the other side. Journey of the Heart is an inspiring memoir of hope and courage, love lost and found, and compelling, intertwining relationships.

"Journey of the Heart provides inspiration and strategy to help your journey of love and self- discovery. It demonstrates grace and patience with yourself and others in adjusting to change. This book confirms that it's possible to be guided by your previous love as you make the single biggest choice for your next heart adventure."

--Lisa Enman, Master Certified Holistic Health Coach