You have everything necessary to live a happy, fulfilled life
to have loving, successful relationships
to be at peace with yourself and others.

Welcome from Mel Fergenbaum, President


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To create global oneness and a new way of living in the world through profound learning experiences one soul at a time...

Inspired by our dream of ”shifting the consciousness of man from judgment to love,” M/C Insights, Inc. offers a variety of national programs targeted toward self-discovery and personal growth. Our signature course, The REDIRECT YOUR LIFE Experience (RYL), is a profound weekend seminar that will address your belief systems. M/C Insights founded the Redirect Your Life concept for the purpose of creating acceptance in ourselves, honesty in our families, responsibility in our communities, and harmony in our world. M/C Insights believes finding passion, purpose, and personal power in our lives as well as sharing our own awareness and experience with others will accomplish this goal. Our lives are changed by events, experiences, and encounters with others. Sometimes one event can change our perspective so profoundly that we never see the world in quite the same way again.

You have everything necessary to live a happy, fulfilled life…
…to have loving, successful relationships
…to be at peace with yourself and others.
When you enroll in the RYL Experience, you begin to overcome the self-imposed limitations in your life. You will become aware of new possibilities in your personal and professional life and eliminate the blocks that get in the way of leading the life you desire. After completion of you initial RYL course, you are invited to volunteer as an “assistant” for future RYL courses (free of charge.) Serving as an assistant will support and enhance your growth. Additionally, specialty workshops are available to continue your personal growth and self-awareness.
“When we choose to embrace and celebrate our own story, inner peace will show up.
When we choose to embrace and celebrate everyone else’s story, world peace will show up."
-Mel Fergenbaum