For Couples


We all want and deserve a nurturing and fulfilling relationship
with a supportive partner. What gets in our way?


Growing up, we witnessed relationships – Mom & Dad, Grandparents, Guardians – and made decisions about men, women and committed unions. These decisions have both served us and have become self-imposed barriers to closeness in relationships.

Many of us struggle in our relationships because we have fixed expectations about how our partner should behave and how the relationship should be. You may be looking to your partner for validation of your self worth or you may be waiting for your partner to change. You may be caught up in a power struggle or you may simply have a desire to reignite that spark. In this course, you will learn the skills and tools to transform these beliefs that are interfering in your relationship. No matter where your relationship is or what issues you may be facing, you will end this weekend feeling closer and more connected with your partner!



Running Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, this weekend retreat

will be held at a romantic setting in the local area where you can relax and focus on yourselves.


$1195.00 per couple includes accommodations for

Friday and Saturday nights, meals Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch, and all course materials.

• Build and strengthen communication skills
• Deepen trust and intimacy
• Loving and optimistic commitment
• More empowered in all areas of your life
• Take relationship to the next level!
• Create a plan and set goals for your future together




Safe and Supportive Environment

Your confidentiality will be respected, as each couple will work privately on their individual issues. Aided by professional facilitators, you will be guided through the process.

The instructors will be available following the weekend to assist couples in integrating new learning into their lives.


Through years of training and life experience, Mel and Lynda Fergenbaum have created a “passionate partnership,” and they warmly share what they have learned with you.

They are joined by Wendy Nethersole and Jay Whitham who bring their expertise in helping others and their commitment to creating harmony at home and in the world.


The Love Relationship is a psychological and spiritual journey, and the joy is not so
much in finding the right partner, it is being the right partner.
Change Your Mind……..Transform Your Relationship