In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn skills to be inspirational in the lives of others. Using the “art of asking questions,” you will find your power to influence others to support you and accept your viewpoint.


Presented by M/C Insights, Inc.

Testimonial: “This workshop went beyond my expectations because I left not only with the skills I was looking for my business, but also for my personal life.”


Join us at this workshop to learn the skills that will support you in finding your power to inspire others to support you and accept your viewpoint.

Did you know that you are continuously involved in the practice of inspiring people to accept your ideas? IT’S TRUE! We employ influential skills when we want to get our child to eat their veggies or to be home on time. We apply the same skills to inspire our partner to redecorate the house or to join us at the gym. We again apply these skills when we apply for a job or a mortgage.

Mastering these skills will prove valuable to all areas of your life:

-Speaking to prospects

-Listening to significant others

-Empowering relationships

-Redirecting co-workers and employers

-Effectively relating with children

-Inspiring family and friends to support you.

LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS, as each participant will have the opportunity to address their challenge!

Please bring a notebook & pen.

Dae to be announced.


28 Schenck Parkway Suite 200

  Asheville, NC 28803

 Tuition: $49

January,18,2017 11.30-2.30

Mikes on Main

303 Main St.

Hendersonville, NC 28792

 Tuition: $49

Registration:on line or call(office)828 944 0356 

For more information: email  or call 727 580 1842