RYL allows us the chance to connect with ourselves & reflection who we are being & how we can be different in our lives both personally & professionally. Giving yourself the gift of RYL will be one of the best gifts that you will ever give yourself. May your journey begin….-Frank D. June 2017

I had been sabotaging my happiness all my life. With the help of Mel & The RYL Experience, I now feel that I have the tools & understanding to fully enjoy & experience my life. This course helped me let go of some of my most painful experiences & I found a great community of others who are committed to my sustained success. -Lane M. June, 2017

The course was a profound experience. I felt a change in my whole being. The instructor & the assistants provided a safe environment to express my feelings & confront issues that were holding me back in my life & career. -Wendy C. June, 2017

I came into this course not knowing what to expect. I was stuck & thought I knew why. Because of this course I found the core issue & a way to overcome it. I am now equipped to move forward in life & fully enjoy the next phase.-Mona W. Feb. 2017

I had no idea what to expect from the RYL weekend.Today I leave a woman of peace & knowing I am a woman of value. The lid I had holding me back is off & I am ready to take on the world.This was truly life changing. It is hard to put into words the words of my heart.-Joyce G. Feb. 2017

If you want to change your life forever, this is the place to do it. What I got out of this course is far more than I ever expected. I am forever changed.-Cindy S. Feb. 2017

“A profound experience that I am very grateful for!”-Suzanne P. Dec. 2016

It was awesome and such an amazing experience!-Gina M. Dec. 2016

Well worth the time I invested in coming. Thank you. Very grateful for being invited. Money well spent.-Carolee A.  OCT 2016

I learned valuable suggestions for making the sale. – Vendela M. OCT 2016

Mel’s workshop uncovered self-imposed limitations that I would never have identified on my own. These limitations have not only been identified, but I’m empowered with the tools to address and overcome. -Jay C. OCT 2016

Thank you, Mel, for giving me the tools to change my life.   – Cindy S. SEPT 2016

This was a great experience. It helped me see that being more of heart-self is ok.   – Anna P. SEPT 2016

This was way more emotional and deeply rooted than I expected it to be. It changed my view on myself and my business.     -Lyndsey S. SEPT 2016

This workshop touched many practical issues and brought clarity to the actions I’m already doing, so I can be effective and influence young ones.   -Tyson G. SEPT 2016


The class is conducted in a non-threatening, positive supportive environment that encourages and fosters frank discussions that lead to individual clarity. My personal experience in this short, three-hour class was transformative!            -Cyndi M. AUG 2016

Compiling wisdom and condensed into an action plan. -Dream R. AUG 2016

A well organized interactive and informative workshop. I found the interactive real life situations to be most helpful. Mel is an excellent presenter. -Mary T. JULY 2016

What I appreciate about Mel’s workshops is that there is something to learn each time you attend, the process continues and so does Mel’s support! -Katie H. JULY 2016

Simple system with profound results-makes you think. The questions Mel asks helps you think through the process. Carla P. JULY 2016

Mel has a way of making you feel good. He has very great insights on how to help people listen and share as well as shares and listens. -Patty A. JUNE 2016

Mel is a very supportive yet totally informative and inspiring teacher/leader. I highly recommend his talk to anyone who is challenged with sharing what they do. He makes it enjoyable with great stories. I learned my issue and plan to implement immediately.     -Kathleen S. JUNE 2016

I found it, the workshop, to be enlightening. It brought out a simple answer to a complex question. -Karen S. APRIL 2016

I am consistently blown away at how insightful any workshop that Mel does is. Not only is the material relatable and accessible it is concise enough that you can apply it in your everyday life!        -Josh M. OCT 2015

This workshop provided tools, new perspective and practice opportunities that helped to allow me to communicate with greater effectiveness and clarity in every relationship in my life.-Stephanie S. OCT 2015

Mel took great care in working with each of us individually. With the group listening in, he showed us all how to apply the concepts to each of our lives. The experience was eye opening and easily applicable to my needs. Thank you, Mel!         -Jessica M. OCT 2015

As a sales coach, I gained incredible insight on how to inspire and influence others in a deeper way. Mel has a way to remind us all to serve others by taking 100% responsibility and to serve from only our heart(s)! Julie OCT 2015

I opened my eyes and I got an outsiders advice on how to deal/cope with something I’ve struggled with for years. I can’t wait to apply it.           -Betty R. OCT 2015

Great, eye opening experience. -Amanda R. OCT 2015

I really enjoyed taking this course for a second time. It really helped to put in perspective how I may better communicate with others.       -Katie R. OCT 2015

I feel “lighter” more in “control” of how I plan to communicate with my teenager. Thank you! – Teresa B OCT 2015

This time the workshop gave me clarity about how I was judging someone and influencing distance between my children and their father.  –  Rhonda J.  OCT 2015


After a successful business career and now successful business owner (32 years) I learned very important skills and tools today. Thank you! -Mark S. AUGUST 2015

This workshop is extremely helpful in personal and business work life the process can be applied in everyday living.  -Paula E. AUGUST 2015

Restored my beliefs about service to others and be a mirror to influence others. – Ian R. AUGUST 2015

Personal and practical teaching I will apply beginning today to greatly anticipated positive results. Thanks Mel! –  Sam U. AUGUST 2015

Thank you for helping me to understand where my roadblocks are and how to move beyond!  -Anne F. AUGUST 2015

“I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of being Mel’s friend for nearly a year before finally attending one of his workshops. Mel is an incredibly powerful teacher and transformational coach. Working with him truly is a gift to oneself. Immediately after his class I began using the communication techniques he taught us and my relationship with my daughter has improved 90%.  Awakening one’s consciousness is the most important thing we can do to truly realize our potential to become and live the kind of life we were meant to.” -Courtney C.  JULY 2015

I appreciate the direct and clear steps I can take to improve my personal power.     -Eric H. JUNE 2015

Mel helped me realize it’s up to me to make more use of my potential. -Charles M. JUNE 2015

Very helpful in pinpointing areas of needed improvement. –  Hope M. JUNE 2015

Mel is outstanding at helping you find out ways to communicate effectively and learning why you’ll want to say what you say to get the outcome you want.    -Laura R.  JUNE 2015

No sneakiness here! Straight forward advice and reasoning; you illuminate other people’s issues quickly and you are able to articulate this without offense – in a gentle manner with kindness. N. Wood JUNE 2015

Mel is an astute and skilled facilitator. I highly recommend his courses.  – Lauren G. JUNE 2015

If y you’re looking for an incredible amount of insightful and inspirational information in an intimate setting, this is the workshop for you. Mel cuts to the chase in a way that makes it personal as we continue on our journey. –   Craig B.  JUNE 2015

I gave myself this workshop as a gift. For the first time ever, I felt that I deserved this time to focus and take my next step on my pathway!   -Elaine D. JUNE 2015

Workshop is fantastic even as a repeater to support the ideas, principles, skills to be repeated to emphasize more to use in life- Mel gives me messages each time I meet with him – I realize just how much our conversation is filled with words to think about to enhance my own life with myself.  Thank you Mel!   -Linda N. JUNE 2015

I was reminded to stop fighting the current, turn around and flow with the current. -Jill P. JUNE 2015

This workshop gave me a formula to look at the way I handled my daily situations and reprogram my awareness to understand that I maintain a new focus and intention.  I share my skills and talents to my family, friends and new people I meet. Thank you Mel for this opportunity to learn and be willing to look at myself and how I can do it better! -Linda N. MARCH 2015

Eye and heart opening workshop with role playing exercises that instill the principles and skills to use in everyday situations. I look forward to implementing them immediately! -Teri S. MARCH 2015

Finding y our personal power went beyond my expectations because I left not only with the skills I was looking for my business, but also for my personal life. Thank you Mel for all that you do to make us- and therefore the lives we touch- better!         -Rose-Marie V. JAN 2015

Mel, You listened with great empathy to each person’s situation and offered a fresh and kind perspective on everyone’s situation.    Jon C. JAN 2015

This workshop helped me put in perspective that is it my issues and fear and not someone else to reach my expectations. I can change my intentions.  – Paula E. JAN 2015

Mel delivers a concise, effective format to develop conscious communication in this hectic social time period.    -Joseph Q. OCT 2014

Learned invaluable information that will help me with my personal and work relationships.     -Andrew W.  OCT 2014

Loved it! Learned a ton. I would recommend.  – Joel H.  OCT 2014

I loved this course!! Please make time for this workshop!! It is life changing!  Trenton J.  OCT 2014

“Finding Your Personal Power”…I now know the definition…to each their own.  Amber C. OCT 2014

I really enjoyed the way you allowed for open discussion to tailor the course to the individuals present. Great Information. Thanks!  -Katie R. OCT 2014

I am looking to have a better relationship overall with other people.  -Anita A. OCT 2014

Wow! I am looking forward to having fun again with my husband and teenagers again!   -Teresa B. OCT 2014

Thank you for this insightful information! -Eve Schoepf, Waynesville, Nov2012

This workshop is amazing and has helped me greatly with many areas of my life where communication is important. -John McLean, Waynesville, Nov2012

Great presentation – very informative fo influence and inspire. I’m looking forward to attending future workshops. Janet Zander, Waynesville, Sep2012

I learned to enhance my responsibility in my Juice Plus+ business by asking more questions,by explaining the benefits, and by serving my customers instead of trying to sell. Don Zander, Waynesville, Sep2012

Simple and powerful message! I can now realize how my own ego interferes with my listening skills. Paul Viau, Waynesville, Sep2012

Wow – Very powerful! This should really help get over some of my fears in business. Thanks Mel. Gary Hughes, Waynesville, Sep2012

Great thought-provoking ideas to help you communicate more effectively. Jackie McLaughlin, Sep 2012, Waynesville

Thank you for the openness and safety of this workshop. David Lamoureux, Sep 2012, Waynesville

If you are willing to get honest, you will leave with great clarity! Kelley Worth, Sep 2012, Waynesville

Mel has the ability to share some powerful information that will make me re-evaluate old thoughts and become a much better communicator in all areas of my life. Ellen Archer, August 2012, Asheville

This info hit the mail on the head to help me get “unstuck” in a few areas. So Thankful! Amanda Walters, August 2012, Asheville

Mel is a terrific presenter, guide and coach. His insights are very practical & applicable to all areas of life. Thank you, Mel! Marsha Rand, August 2012, Asheville

Big take away for me is the use of questions in personal interactions as well as business interactions and marketing. Sam Holt, August 2012, Asheville

In a very short time, Mel helped me hone in on how to enhance the services I provide and how to get that across to potential clients. Nadine Fidelman, Jul 2011, Asheville

I learned some great principles and skills to influence others and to close the deal with clients. Jen Cournoyer, Jul 2011, Asheville

In my many years attending a variety of workshops, including several by Peak Potentials Training and even more by Landmark Education, I’ve not come acrosss teachings like those I gained during my introduction to M/C Insights. Mel offered me something entirely new, something that was exactly what I needed to hear, and something that has forever c This class brought to light for me the power we all possess to influence others through intentional communication. I am using the principles Mel teaches every day in both my business and personal life. B.B., Jan 2011, Asheville

Changed the way I interact with others. Logan Starman, Feb 2011, Asheville

This class had given me some great personal and business ideas and tips. I am incorporating them into my life. I feel stronger and more focused.
Serenity Dylan, Dec 2010, Asheville

I appreciate Mel’s sensitivity and ability to truly feel and listen to my (an others) issues and guide me to a heartfelt solution. In following his suggestion, I know I have found my voice. Wendy Nethersole, Jul 2010, Asheville

Mel has a real gift for getting, literally, to the “heart” of the matter. I learned valuable new ideas and tools to use in my life each day. Jay Alan Whitham, Jul 2010, Asheville

The techniques taught in this course are extremely powerful tools that can be applied in every aspect of one’s life. I am excited to implement them in both my personal relationships to create more closeness as well as in building my new business. Mel is an inspiring teacher and mentor! Sharon Gray, Jul 2010, Minneapolis

A brand new angle to communication in each and every relationship, conversation and interaction. Elizabeth Kern, Jul 2010, Minneapolis

Realigned my thinking to be focused on the individual instead of myself in bcoming a more effective speaker. Cathy Stillwell Gibson, Jun 2010, Asheville

Wonderful course! It helped me obtain the skills to be able to stay in my power. Now, when an event comes up that may take me out of my power, I will not allow it to have that effect on me. Mel is a genuine, compassionate person. I will definitely take more courses. Stacey Pederson, Apr 2010, Asheville

Excellent seminar. It helps you get to your core beliefs and how you respond to them. Kimberly Crow, Apr 2010, Waynesville

This workshop helped me clarify and deepen a particular intention which will lead to the type of relationship I’ve dreamed of and desire. Raye Rufty, Apr 2010, Waynesville

I came to learn how to communicate better & influence my husband, daughter & customers but I learned how to influence myself & understand what I was getting out of my own negative self-talk & how to overcome it. TERRIFIC! -Sharon, 4/09

I have to say Thank You for bringing to light what I was doing/not doing that was holding me back. What a great LIGHTBULB in the head & heart experience! Loved it -Love you!-Sylvia, 4/09

Wow! What a deep way of connecting with others. Thank you for showing me the way!-Sandy, 4/09

This workshop was packed full of information, but it all boils down to following the 3 principles. They apply to personal as well as business relationships.

-Barbara, 4/09

A conscious choice as to how you conduct your life.- Diane,4/09

The workshop taught me my own pre-judgments are inhibiting my business growth. I learned ways I can use questions & listening to meet my intentions, close the sale & improve my professional/personal relationships. -Karen, 4/09

It was a great experience that helped me to have a different outlook on how to understand people & myself. -Kevin, March, 2009

This was a great experience for my staff & me to more effectively convey the benefits of our programs as well as fulfill our mission as a team. -Frank, March, 2009

This workshop has been very beneficial to me. It has taught me a simple way to connect with my students & allow them to be in control by asking questions & simply listening to their answers. -Lindsey, March, 2009

Another strong insight on life. It’s amazing how complicated life can seem to be, however, through friends & courses like this you realize that it’s so easy as 1,2,3. (focus,build,ask). -Joseph, March, 2009

This class was very personal to each participant. It was both relevant & inspiring. I cannot wait to put what I have learned into action. -Cassandra, March, 2009

Very enlightening information & specific tools were given for me to utilize in both my personal & professional lives.-Angela, Feb 2009I learned the art of asking questions & see how simple it can be to get the answers or direct the outcome in a positive way. -Joann, Jan 2009

The seminar was very informative, entertaining & fun-filled. I learned in 2 hours what would have taken 2 days -Charles Cole, Nov. 2008

Great content! I learned many things that will help me in my day to day management of employees. -Valarie Negri ,Nov. 2008

Excellent two hours on the art of asking questions and learning about ourselves and why we stop, where we stop in the sales process. -Dave Negri, Nov. 2008

Wow! The class brought clarity and useful tools that I know that I will begin using to create the changes I’ve been desiring. -Melaina Quinn, Nov 2008

I am always delighted to one of Mel’s workshops expecting to get one thing out of it, and then getting that and something completely different as well. This was no exception. The benefits just keep coming. I can’t wait to implement what I learned. -Kimberly Finn, Nov. 2008

I left (the class) feeling as if I had some powerful tools for relationships with others.-Clare Seng -9/08

I experienced recognition of personal habits & was instructed with the techniques to change. -Brenda Sandy-9/08

Mel addressed each and every person as an individual and this is a great precursor to the Redirect Your Life program. -Chris Carr-9/08

When you helped me to empower myself, my vision cleared & goals became attainable. -Eric Wilson-9/08

I learned some powerful lessons in the art of communication that are simple & user friendly. They can apply to all relationships in our lives. -Betsy Burns, Sept. 2008

It will change your ability to communicate. -Gary Young, Sept. 2008

Excellent course!  It will improve communication in any situation & enable you to produce the results that you desire. I highly recommend the course.

-Marianne Woolbert, Sept. 2008

Mel’s presentation is so powerful but done in a very subtle way. -Carolyn Emerson, Sept. 2008

My first time through this course was wonderful. I saw definite improvement in my relationships at work & with my teenaged sons. I came back to reinforce what I learned & to expand my understanding of the SKILLS & PRINCIPLES so that I can apply them to more areas of my life. -Kim Neuffer, Sept. 2008

I feel like I’ve had another tool added to help me make my life better. -Angela, Aug. 2008

The course was very helpful in showing me how to improve myself in a healthy way. Tre, Aug. 2008

I finally learned that it was ME who was afraid to ask for the order or close the deal. I am now willing to ask the scary questions. -Jim Rymal 6/08

It was the best 2 hours of learning how to change my bad habits to good habits. -Pam Smith 6/08

Taking the 2 hours out of my busy day to spend in Mel’s class was well worth it!! I had many “ah-ha” moments that opened my eyes, head & heart. -Kimberly Santos

We are surrounded by information & messages of all kinds, all the time, 24/7, many of them are negative. In this workshop, the information was not only positive, but it gave us tools for living positively & how to begin to do it for ourselves. -Nicole Longwell

I took the Enrollment Training (and no, it isn’t just about how to help enroll students into RYL!) course led by Mel last week, and by 9 AM the next morning had gotten 4 appointments from previous clients. Mel helped me shift the energy around what was keeping me stuck, and to learn how to ask for what I want. I found it an invaluable course and am eager to continue using it in my life. -Becky Clements

Thank you Mel for helping me continue my spiritual journey. I look forward to learning much more from you. -Kat Rader

Thank you Mel! With your guidance I was able to make a HUGE breakthrough in my definition of success and specifically identifying that my former definition of success was negatively affecting my life. -Ashley Radar

I was surprised to learn that I empower myself when I focus on empowering other people. What a wonderful concept! -Ann Marie Huggins

Thought provoking workshop that gave me awareness to focus on others to find out what the want, what drives them, etc… to truly be able to focus on them and help them get what they want.-Steven Klein

Mel’s workshops are essential for anyone who would like to discover why they make the choices they do and how to re-create their life the way they want it to go and never settle for anything less than being all that they are. -Joseph Warren

The class gave me insights in how to build my business constructively. Julia Thornbrough A fantastic course to get quick accountable item. Robert Wilson Mel’s concepts and delivery about taking 100% responsibility of myself was right on target. The principles on focusing, benefits, and listening are very simple. Going through each person’s issues brought such clarity on how to incorporate this now into my life. -Joyce Pellegrini